La Revista - Predicciones 2022 - Digital English

La Revista - Predicciones 2022 - Digital English

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The fourth edition of "Niño Prodigio La Revista" is inspired by a country that I love and for which I have great affection: Mexico. In these pages you will find the predictions for 2022, the forecast of the Chinese New Year, the characteristics of the Mayan Horoscope, end-of-year rituals in honor of the Aztec gods, among other articles with which you can delve into culture, spirituality and mysticism. typical of this beautiful country in Central America.

 The miracles of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the celebration of the Day of the Dead, the cult of Santa Muerte, the veneration of Jesús Malverde and the advice of the Toltecs will be some of the interesting topics that you will find in this new edition of my magazine.

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